Basic Equipment for Lawn Care

If you are living in Byron, MN, lawn care is very important and requires a lot of attention, so it can help to know what equipment to use. There are millions of tools for lawn care, but it is a good idea to have a range of basic and more specialist gear if you’re looking to have the best looking lawn in Byron. This article will cover the basic tools every gardener should have for expert lawn care, as well as some of the more specialist items which you may need to hire out around the Byron area.

Lawn Mowers

It may seem obvious at first, but a lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment that you need for lawn care, and it can help to invest in a high-quality mower in the Byron area. There are loads of mowers to choose from and it can help to know the different types with various properties. If your lawn is large, it may beneficial to purchase a petrol lawn mower, with an electric mower being perfect to care for medium to small lawns. You can even get a push along mower in the Byron area if you feel like burning some calories. For stripes, make sure that the lawn mower has a roller. If you want to care for your lawn efficiently in Byron, MN, invest in a mulching mower which will cut the grass finer and will help add nutrients to the soil.


If you want to water your lawn during the hot summers in Byron, MN, you’re going to want a water hose. Lawn care requires a good amount of watering, and having a hose will ensure your lawn is looking fresh and green throughout the seasons. Watering helps strengthen the roots, and protect grass in the winter. It is good to care for your lawn in Byron by giving it a good rinse once or twice a week, especially during the dry spells. This will encourage deeper and stronger roots.

Edging Iron

If you are not only looking to care for the health of your lawn in Byron, but are also looking to give it some shape and curve, an edging iron is perfect. Edging irons are sometimes known as a ‘half-moon’ because of their shape and are great for borders and edges. You should use the iron vertically and slice down into the border making it sharp and flat.

Lawn Rake

This tool is essential for lawn care in Byron and is super cheap, so it won’t set you back financially. Believe it or not, your lawn will accumulate all sorts of dead weeds, moss and grass clippings over the weeks, which can block light, moisture and even encourage the growth of weeds and moss, which can ruin your lovely lawn. You should be raking your lawn every few months and only rake in the spring and summer in Byron, MN as winter raking can damage the grass. If your lawn is massive, you can buy an electric rake, but these are expensive and you should hire one from a lawn care service in Byron.

Lawn Spreader

A lawn spreader is useful for lawn care in Byron and will benefit your grass a lot. This machine will feed your lawn quickly and efficiently, just put in some lawn feeder and spread away. Some spreaders have additional settings that allow you to apply a whole host of products, such as weed killer, moss killer and even triple action products. You can of course do this all by hand but a spreader will be more accurate and will get the job done faster, leaving you with more time to care for your lawn in other ways. You can also hire a spreader from lawn care services in Byron, as they can be quite expensive.


If you are novice at caring for your lawn in Byron, MN, there are a number of products to consider. You of course need a lawn mower and this is the most important item you should have. Hoses and edging irons are perfect for lawn maintenance and for keeping it looking fresh and neat. Lawn rakes and lawn spreader will also ensure that your lawn is getting the correct nutrients and that it is protected from moss and pesky weeds. If in doubt, just hire some lawn care in Byron, as they will have the correct tools and will be a fraction of the cost.

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