Weekly Mowing

Turf areas are mowed at proper height, we gradually cut lower prior to fall clean up services & winter to prevent snow mold and other fungus. Trees, landscape beds, fences, and other objects in the lawn are trimmed around and clipplings are blowen from all hard surfaces and landscape beds.


Spring/Fall Clean Ups

All debris is removed from landscape beds, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Turf areas are tine-raked dethatched during spring clean-up. All grass, leaves, ect. are hauled away to proper waste site.

Fertilizing/Weed control

A five application fertilizer/weed control application is a sure fire way to keep your lawn green and weed free all season long. We are fully licensed and insured to apply fertilizer and weed control chemicals in Minnesota, always ensure your chosen contractor is licensed.

Core Aeration

Turf cores are mechanically removed, allowing the roots uptake of water to be increased while decreased turf compaction, leading to a healthier lawn. This can also be paired with over seeding to make your lawn thicker.


This is where we put down extra grass seed to give your lawn a fuller and thicker look and feel.

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Trees & shrubs are trimmed to proper height and shape, all debris is removed.

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